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Since my brain's melting out through my ears due to the sweltering summer heat, I thought I'd share a couple of pictures of an amigurumi I made in May. Her name is Misaki (ironically that means deep red in Japanese and most of her details are green). She's made from a pattern called Harajuku girl (from the book Virka roliga amigurumi! by Mia Bengtsson) and I've done only the slightest customisation.

So, concept: she was made as a test-run of the pattern that I intended to use to make my Merlin amigurumi. She ended up being my darling girl, though. The first idea I got for her was when I read some tips on how to change the patterns, which amounted to sewing or crocheting clothes for the doll or make a boy with short hair. And I thought 'why not a punk girl with short hair?'. It was decided from the point on.

First I had intended to make her clothes in only black and white. But after I bought the green yarn for my future Morgana amigurumi, I realised that it was slightly thicker than the rest. I needed to see if it would work together with other yarn, as the bits can end up bigger if the yarn is thicker. Not to mention that it made Misaki cuter :) The beads used for the details in her hair and for her necklace were also from my Morgana project; but this was more because somebody else bought the beads for me and I ended up with more than I knew what to do with.

After some effort, Misaki was done.

I think she deserves the 'aaaw' tag :)

Next up is Merlin. I'm so proud of that one :)


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