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Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] awry, for the virtual gift :)

I had an awesome intro text planned to this entry, but I forgot it on the way here. I've been on an emotional roller coaster drive today - gone from happy to serious frustration to downright anger. Frustration due to people not locking ads for jobs that they don't take applications for. Anger because if you're placing an ad for people, can't you make sure the e-mail is correct?

But what I had planned to do today was to reveal my Merlin-amigurumi :) He’s made from the same pattern as Misaki and the jacket is made from a pattern from the book Virka amigurumi by Mia Bengtsson

This is a close-up of his front, just to get a look at him.

So this is the basic doll I made. The yarn I used for his legs are just a teensy bit thicker than the rest so they ended up really long – let’s pretend Colin Morgan has really long legs (maybe he does?).

Here he’s with his neckerchief, which I fashioned from my own head. Dumbass that I am I forgot to write down what I did XD Oh, well shouldn’t be that hard to re-create.

I customised the pattern for the monk’s robe to make the jacket. As you can see it’s removeable, but it’s a bitch to get it on and off.

I’m really proud of him ^^
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