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Dear Junetide Author or Artist,

I’m a little bit like a magpie – I like shiny things. Therefore I know that I’m going love whatever it is you’ll create for me (can I tell you that I’m really excited? Because I’m really excited). Thank you for writing or making art for me.

When it comes to characters I like clever, pretty and a little broken (favourite television characters include Neal Caffrey, Patrick Jane and Benedict Cumberbatch-Holmes). I love strong female characters, whose lives doesn’t centre on finding a man. I’m not that fond of romance for the sake of romance and would prefer any romance to be subplot and not take up too much story time. But when it comes to romance I’m game for slash and femmeslash. And het, if it’s not very graphic.

I love classical literature and mythology, so getting references to either those things would be awesome. Not necessary, but it would earn you brownie points. I love stories which will make me hurt inside, but prefer happy endings over tragic endings. I have a little quirk where there’s nothing more that I hate than an open ending. I would like it as closed as possible and on at least a hopeful note.

I like fantasy, historical fiction and thrillers. I’m not too fond of the whole crime genre, unless it’s not very conventional, and horror. Maybe a heads up is needed – I hate zombies. Really, honest to god hate them. I have no idea why, because I’ve never watched a zombie film or read a zombie story. They just really creep me out.

I’m looking forward so much to what you’ll create. I know I’ll like it.

Thank you,


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