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This little creature was made as a birthday present for my grandma, last year.

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Name: Mr Skeleton
Height: 7 cm (3 inches)
I used: White and black acrylic yarn, crocheting needle 2½ mm (circa 0.1 inches), child-proof eyes 9mm (0.35 inches)
Pattern: Skeleton Groom from Creepy Cute Crochet by Christen Haden
Finished: June 2011
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It's been one of those days when I've had no lectures and instead spent eight hours reading. I've got around to reading ten chapters today (let's ignore that nine of those were in a tiny book and averaged in length with three pages).

I just realised that I just stopped posting pictures of my amigurumi. Whoops?

This one's called Cilla and I made her back in May.

I crocheted this one the same week as Busmusen and it was a birthday gift for my grandpa. She's made to look like their dog, Cilla.

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Yesterday is better left forgotten. Not the best of days, I'm afraid.

Today has been rather stressful, because we're celebrating my sister's and grandma's birthday later today. Grandma's present wasn't entirely done this morning, but I finished it by noon. She's getting an amigurumi. And I need to apply for jobs and e-mail my handler at the job agency and apply for student aid and other stuff that makes me flail around in panic.

Thought I'd show off another one of my creations :) Let me introduce you to Busmusen.

I made this for my mum as a mother's day gift back in May. The pattern is from Virka Amigurumi by Mia Bengtsson, but I re-worked it a little to make the mouse slightly bigger than it would have otherwise turned out. My mum adores it and named it Busmusen (Mischievous Mouse).

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Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] awry, for the virtual gift :)

I had an awesome intro text planned to this entry, but I forgot it on the way here. I've been on an emotional roller coaster drive today - gone from happy to serious frustration to downright anger. Frustration due to people not locking ads for jobs that they don't take applications for. Anger because if you're placing an ad for people, can't you make sure the e-mail is correct?

But what I had planned to do today was to reveal my Merlin-amigurumi :) He’s made from the same pattern as Misaki and the jacket is made from a pattern from the book Virka amigurumi by Mia Bengtsson

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I’m really proud of him ^^
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Since my brain's melting out through my ears due to the sweltering summer heat, I thought I'd share a couple of pictures of an amigurumi I made in May. Her name is Misaki (ironically that means deep red in Japanese and most of her details are green). She's made from a pattern called Harajuku girl (from the book Virka roliga amigurumi! by Mia Bengtsson) and I've done only the slightest customisation.

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I think she deserves the 'aaaw' tag :)

Next up is Merlin. I'm so proud of that one :)
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I've gone from updating this thing regularly to being rather sporadic. The truth is, I've been feeling rather low the last couple of weeks. It might be because my sister's in Germany, but it also might be because this kind of life is taking it's toll on me. People often imagine that it's easy being unemployed and that you have time for yourself. The truth is that you're constantly on edge, waiting for the phone to ring. You have to always be available. And it's stressful.

This week the acceptance letters will be sent out. It's rather do or die, because I'm not sure I can take another year of this.

But I don't want to write about it. So, instead, meet Sessan, you guys. 

She's a kitty, if you can't tell. The kitty in my pattern book was black, but I wanted to do a white one. Since I was ordering the eyes for my Merlin figures (Merlin is done; I might upload pictures of him this week), I ordered blue eyes and pink noses. The noses turned out to be bigger than I expected; hopefully it works, though.

Her name is derived from the Swedish word 'prinsessan' (the princess) and my grandpa uses it as a cutesy nickname for me. But the real reason she's named this, is because my mum had a white cat with blue eyes when she was younger. I grew up with stories about this cat, so I felt it was kind of fitting.

Next time I post an amigurumi pic, it'll be Misaki - my harajuku girl :)

ps. If you haven't seen Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, you should. I watched it yesterday and it's very entertaining. If the Jim Carey scares you, think of the Meryl Streep and the Billy Conolly (I thought he was great in this one and Garfield 2). The wonderful Jane Lynch has a short cameo and Emily Browning had a better role in this movie than her latest film Sucker Punch. My opinion on Sucker Punch is that it's a fifteen-year old gamer's misogynist sex fantasy.

Long story, short: it's funny, it's clever and the cast is superb.
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I've had a pretty good day, but I'm too tired from the heat to write about it. Aunt G visited my grandparents, so I spent most of my day at their place. Just chatting and relaxing in the sun. It's been really hot today - 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit). I'll just show you some pictures of this rabbit I made my sister:

Preview of Kenny

Actual pictures of Kenny )
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I'll talk about yesterday tomorrow if I feel up to it. I'm rather tired xD

Instead I'll post the pictures of my most recently finished amigurumi. I hope you'll enjoy :)

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I stayed up late Friday night to watch The Astronaut's Wife (which was such a mess that not even Johnny Depp could save it). I was really tired when I went to bed and had put my phone away, so I just didn't feel like reaching for it to turn off the sound. It wasn't like anybody would text me in the morning, right? WRONG! My sister texted me at 6:52 am to ask if I could check when the bus would go in the afternoon so she could get home from her school (her line of study means that they sometimes have to be responsible for the stables). And after that, I couldn't go back to sleep.

Today I woke up 7 am because my chest was hurting. I checked my temperature and was rather shocked. Normally, in the morning, I have a body temperature of 35,9 (96,62). This time it was 37,2 (98,96). So I'm not feeling too good. I'll probably try to take a shower and see if I can cool down somewhat.

I'm going to post a couple of pictures my amigurumi, which is crocheted figures. I'm keeping the watermarks as I might crosspost to a couple of communities.

Disclaimer thingy: Sherlock, John and Puck has been made for fun, not profit. My witch may be named Elphaba, but the only reason for that is that her skin ended up green. I've never seen Wicked and I hardly remember The Wizard of Oz. So she's not a fan creation of that character. They just share the same name.

turtles )

the witch )
Sherlock )

Puck )
 John )
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 So I've made four finished amigurumis - five if you count Puck, who is only lacking eyes really. But I've only photographed this one, which is the second I've made. I made a lot of mistakes, but it's still pretty cute.

Sorry about the watermark - I accidentally saved over the original.


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